The 2019 Hispanic Healthcare and Technology Careers Conference administered a before and after assessment to attendees for the first time in order to measure how well the conference met the following objectives:

  1. Encourage more students to consider careers in the fields of health and technology

  2. Educate students on what is required to pursue a career in health and technology

  3. Connect students to role models so they can gain the confidence to pursue challenging careers in health and technology

Approximately 10% of attendees responded to the survey. Next year, we will take measures to increase respondents.


The percentage of students indicating they strongly agreed with pursuing a career in health or technology increased almost 10%. It appears students whom previously agreed were more interested after the conference. As a percentage, more students (5.41%) disagreed with pursuing a career in technology after the conference, however this figures corresponds to two students.

Before Question 1.png
After Question 1.png


Before the conference most students agreed (38.79%) or were neutral (39.15%) in their self assessment of what is required to pursue a career in health or technology. After the conference, the percentage of students whom strongly agreed with the statement rose more than 20%. In addition, the percentage whom were neutral decreased almost 17% down to 21.62%.

Before Question 2.png
After Question 2.png


After the conference students had more confidence to pursue a career in health or technology. The percentage of students whom agreed (46.26%) with the statement decreased after the conference, however more students reported they strongly agreed (37.84%). There was also a decrease in the number of students who reported neutral feelings toward the statement. The percentage of student whom disagreed increased slightly to 8.11%.

Before Question 3.png
After Question 3.png