6th Annual HHTCC - Bayley Carnell

I went into this conference thinking I would have the same mindset I did on the way there, but my mindset had changed when we left. I became more open minded since having attended the conference. I know that becoming a nurse will be hard work. However, every one of the speakers talked about their job like it was the best thing that has ever happened to them. They said it is worth it if I love caring for other people. The speakers also told personal stories of themselves getting to where they are now. Not a single one of them ever gave up on what they wanted even through all the bumps in the road and how hard everything was. That is the mindset I formed while I was at the conference. They all spoke about the troubles and things they went through while trying to get to where they are now. It inspire me to keep trying to get to where I want to be . After this conference I know that I am not going to stop working hard and focusing on what I am trying to achieve. It changed my point of view of the lifestyle of a nurse. They to through many difficulties through the day. It makes me feel like I can change the world though I may be in only one hospital.

Besides the speakers, I made bonds with my classmates and other kids at the conference. It made me more confident and just an all around happier person. Before we went I was very nervous to go with people I barely knew but everyone there made me feel safe. No one judged me for any reason, not even the kids at the conference. The kids that I did interact with from other schools were very different, but also very nice though they didn’t know us. I am very grateful for who made the conference happen. I didn’t think it would impact me as much as it did. I wouldn’t be as open minded and confident as I am now had I not attended. I know what I want to do and this conference showed me I can and will do it.

Luis Caloca