Seattle STEM Trip - Kimberly Loskot

The FHLA STEM trip to Seattle was an amazing opportunity to see new places and to open the options of going into a STEM field. Going to Boeing was incredible, because you got to see how massive the airplanes were and how they are put together. It was so fascinating at the amount of work that is done and how fast the airplanes are put together. We visited the University of Washington which was a college I was looking at and with the opportunity to check it out on this trip was a major factor of why I applied. We were led on a tour of the campus and we talk about how the school works with a current student. Visiting the main Microsoft building in Bellevue was very interesting as you got to see the new products and check out the history behind the company. Besides being able to check out big companies and a university, the ability to explore a new city with wonderful people made the trip so much better. We became fast friends after meeting each other and grew closer as the trip went on. Overall this was a very rewarding experience as we got to make new memories with new friends and at the same time, we were exposed to different careers that we could be interested in. 

Luis Caloca