Seattle STEM Trip - Noelle Medica

This Seattle Health and Technology was one of the most enriching and fun experiences I've ever had. The students, the adults, and everyone else that made this trip possible did not go to waste, because what we experienced on this trip was incredible. 


The most mindblowing aspect of the trip was surprisingly the Boeing Factory that had the largest building by usable volume in the world, where they built hundreds of thousands planes every day, including the largest planes that have ever taken flight in the sky. As we got a guided tour, we got to explore the building, learn their history, understood the capacity of what they were accomplishing today, and what they plan on releasing in the future.


We also received a guided tour of Microsoft's gift shops and historical areas, which was incredible to see how far technology has progressed since they started long ago. They also gave time for us students to roam around on our own and test out the technology and gaming processors that they had availible to the public.


One of the biggest reasons that I went on this trip was to tour University of Washington. We learned so much as a group, and we had a couple people explain to us what it would be like to attend U Dub, whether that be how we would end up paying for college, to what the college campus looked like and to get a feel of what it would be like to be a part of the Alumni. It was such a beautiful school and I'm so glad we got to tour it and learn more about it.


We also as a group decided to buy a city pass, where we went to the top of the Space Needle, went through the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Pacific Science Center, as well as checking out the aquarium and getting a Harbor Boat Tour that taught us a lot about the city's history and quirks.


Overall I enjoyed this trip so much and I would highly recommend any student that is interested going on a Health and Technology trip, you will make new friends, new memories, and learn so much and gain so much experience.

Luis Caloca